Dentistry & Orthodontics

The Santagostino Dental Center offers high quality dental care at competitive prices for adults, children and seniors.

The Santagostino Dental Center was founded in 2009 with the aim of preserving the oral health of all patients, both adults and children.

The clinical quality of our dental care is guaranteed by the professionalism and experience of our the team of dentists, hygienists and dental assistants who use only the most up to date, certified and guaranteed equipment, and who follow strict clinical and hygienic protocols.

Our flexible hours, easily accessible locations, and transparent competitive prices have been satisfying even the most demanding patients.

Going to the dentist is no longer a problem. Smiling is easier with The Santagostino Dental Center!



Can I trust?

Fear of the dentist is often and rightly motivated by concerns about the trustworthiness of the physician.

For the patient it is difficult to assess the technical quality of a dental service, however, there are some quality parameters that can help you get an idea on the reliability of a dental practice.
Here's where you can check it for yourself.

Registration in the Dentists Register

To confirm whether a dental professional is registered and able to practise in Italy,  you can search the National Denstists Register. It is updated daily. 

Hygiene is critical to avoid bacterial contamination threatening the health of the patient. All instruments that come into mouth must, by law, be sterile.

The dentists in the Centro Dentistico Santagostino only use sterilized instruments. These procedures guarantee a maximum degree of hygiene and safety to the patient.

Although it is the most important part of the treatment process, several offices offer it for free. It is good to know, however, that the pocket costs of dentistry are very high and it's hard to offer free services. So it is quite likely that the first examination cost will be made to pay later under other forms, during treatments.

For professionalism our service offers the first visit for just 30 euros: a complete and accurate diagnosis of the situation of the patient accompanied by a panoramic radiograph (OPG) and the proposal of any treatment plan.

Oral health care require great care and the right time for proper execution. The operations performed in haste are unlikely to be accurate or definitive, sometimes they can require additional sessions. Therefore the thoroughness of the doctor guarantees the quality and success of therapies.

Here's what it takes to our doctors to perform some of the main features:

  • diagnostic visit: 30 minutes

  • teeth cleaning: 45 minutes

  • filling: 60 minutes

  • root canal therapy: from 60 to 120 minutes, depends on the complexity

  • extraction: from 30 to 60 minutes, depends on the complexity

The rubber dam is an essential tool for the proper isolation of the operating field, especially when making fillings or root canals. This "piece of rubber" applied to the mouth, which leaves uncovered only the teeth to be operated, it allows a greater security for the patient (which is not likely to ingest toxic substances or foreign objects).
The rubber dam improves the effectiveness of care (especially when using adhesive techniques that poorly tolerate the presence of the saliva), and it gives a greater comfort to the doctor and the patient.
Our doctors regularly use the dam.


How much will it cost?

The high cost of dentistry is one of the main problems underlying the difficult dentist-patient relationship.

By applying considerably lower prices than the private market in Milan, our service facilitates access to dental care in an branch where the public offer is insufficient. We ensure high quality.

In three ways:
- the ownership of the center does not have the distribution of profits among its main objectives, and this makes it possible to apply  calmierate rates 
- the high volumes of performance that we provide enable us to achieve economies of scale;
- an effective and efficient work organization helps us to keep costs down and to ensure the highest quality at the same time.

The practice of asking for several estimates of quotes while looking for the most affordable one is now becoming more widespread. However it is good to know that the terminology used in various dental offices is not unique, and therefore the estimates are not always easily comparable. Also it is to say that the proposed treatment plan could not be the right one for the patient, or the only good one. For this reason we recommend to book a more accurate diagnostic visit for the price of 30 euros with the doctors of our center, which will be available to help patients choose the best solution with respect to different pathways of care with feasible costs.

Sometimes the dentist's cost estimate can be difficult to read, because the dentistry language can be difficult to understand for non-experts. For this reason it is important to explain to the patient the meaning of each item in the budget, in order to put him in the position to evaluate it on an informed basis.

Our staff will help you to read and understand the budget, but will do even more: listen to your needs, including economic, and present you with all the possible care alternatives, to get to the formulation of a treatment plan built around you.

With a good oral prevention (one check and two teeth cleanings per year) and a carefull day by day oral hygiene, above all, not letting too much time pass before going to the dentist in case of pain or other symptoms, it can prevent the onset of diseases or the aggravation of more severe disorders involving, consequently, more expensive treatments.


= Price     = Available in*

Visita under 18 BOOK ONLINE

€ 30

Visita under 50 BOOK ONLINE

€ 30


€ 70

Examination + Dental Whitening (2 Arches) INFO

€ 200

Examination + Dental Whitening + Oral Hygiene INFO

€ 270

Root Planing INFO

€ 100

Simple Fillings INFO

€ 90

Complex Fillings INFO

€ 130

Simple Root Canal Therapy INFO

€ 130

Complex Root Canal Therapy INFO

€ 250

Simple Extraction INFO

€ 80

Titanium Implant INFO

€ 800

Panoramic INFO


3d Panoramic (Cat) INFO


Package ""Radiographic Status"""" INFO

€ 150


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