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Pediatric Allergy Clinic

Diagnosis and therapies for skin and respiratory allergies as well as food intolerances.

The pediatric allergy clinic at Centro Medico Santagostino performs diagnostic tests (skin prick test) for skin and respiratory allergies as well as food intolerances. It is also possible to have an evaluation of respiratory function in children as young as 6 years old using spirometry, a simple test that allows for the early detection of asthma in people who suffer from allegies.

Allergies can affect different parts of the body and involve skin symptoms, the gastrointestinal tract, the eyes, nose, bronchi or lungs. It is therefore very important that all possible differential diagnosis are taken into consideration as early as possible when allergies are suspected, to ensure that the correct diagnosis is made.

An early diagnosis is the first important step in establishing an appropriate therapy to control the symptoms and allow the child to live a normal life among friends, including playing sports.

The correct therapy will also help to reduce the number of days a child is absent from school and slow down the progression of the allergic disorder.

Skin allergy tests or skin prick tests can be carried out as early as the first months of life, and allow for an early confirmation of an allergy diagnosis even in a very small child. The test is completely painless and only takes a few minutes of the child and parent's collaboration.

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